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AKASHA "A Space to Heal" is a full service Ayurvedic Spa and Yoga Center located in Colts Neck, New Jersey, at a beautifully designed and architectural awarded building.

The tranquil setting for the Center provides an exquisite space for rejuvenation and healing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in the tradition of the Vedic sciences.

AKASHA offers a full spectrum of Ayurvedic services and therapies which may include the following treatment modalities: Clinical Ayurvedic Consultations, follow-up treatments, Pancha Karma detoxification, and Ayurvedic Spa treatments. We offer organic health care products and customized herbs created and made in the Herb Department on the premises. Yoga classes are small and intimate and are designed to address the specific imbalances in the body. We also offer private Yoga classes, and when requested, spiritual counseling.

Please feel free to (contact us) with any questions or inquires.

We look forward to serving you through the natural healing wisdom of Ayurveda.